Pigeon Express, is a crowdshipping platform for people willing to send envelopes or parcels through travellers

    The User declares at the time of the transmission of his registration form.

    1. That the he should be at least 18 years old
    2. That he acts for his own count
    3. That all information given during his inscription is sincere, precise and up to date.

    The present general terms have as object to define modalities and conditions of use of services offered on the Site, as well as to define rights and obligations of the Users.


    Supplement your profile with your true forename, a true photo of you and a true telephone number. Publish only requests of transportation for objects which belong to you and please make sure that you need to make transport. Publish only itineraries which you have the intention of performing.

    Research of Traveller by a Requester

    The Requester can perform a research of Traveller from the research form offered on the Site, by giving information to the characteristics of Trip, notably its Destination.

    The Requester can ask to be informed by email of new Trips corresponding to his research criteria which would be registered on the Site after its research. The notifications which will be able to be addressed to him further to this request are entirely automated, Pigeon Express therefore does not guarantee that they will specifically correspond to the needs of the Requester. It is up to him to verify that the trips mentioned in these notifications are likely to meet his needs effectively.

    Travel Registration

    The Traveller can register on the Site the Trip which he casts, by filling the form envisaged. He must point out all useful information, notably dates, city of departure and the Destination of Trip.

    The Traveller will be informed by email of new requests corresponding to his criteria of Trip which would be issued on the Site after the inscription of its Trip. The notifications which will be able to be addressed to him in this frame are entirely automated, Pigeon Express therefore does not guarantee that they will specifically correspond to the needs of the Traveller. It is up to him to verify that the trips mentioned in these notifications are likely to correspond to its Trip

    Put in contact between Traveller and Requester (express Pigeon Messenger)

    The Users have access to Pigeon express Messenger allowing them to communicate with each other.

    It is up to the Requester and to the Traveller to exchange across Pigeon express Messenger to agree about the modalities of the transport by the Requester

    Users are expressly informed and agree that Pigeon express can access at any time the messages they exchange through this Service and use it if necessary to assert their rights.

    You can create a discussion as follows:
    • You have created a query and the similar request already exists in the database, so when you have finished creating your request you receive the notification and you can press the button "Show requests on this route", this depends on the number of matching requests on this route.
    • After that, you have moved to the available requests and you can start a discussion by pressing the envelope corresponding to the appropriate query. If the corresponding request appeared after you created your request, you will receive a message on your email called "New Travel" on your request.
      Then you must follow the following procedure: My account ► My transport requests - select the appropriate request.
      After that, you are moved to the available request and can start the discussion by pressing the Pigeon Express Mail Envelope.
    • You can reply to messages via My Account ► Inbox - select My AD and press 'Open'
      After that you will see a text box where you can write messages.
  3. Recommendations concerning the transported object

    Both parties shall also ensure that no article carried by or for a user contains prohibited or forbidden articles in the country of destination.

    These include (non-exhaustive list)

    • alcoholic beverages;
    • weapons and materials that can be used to produce them;
    • certain medication or herbal supplements and narcotic drugs;
    • items that are of a sexual/adult nature (e.g. pornography);
    • items that are of an offensive and violent nature, including items associated with hate organizations (e.g. torture devices, snuff films);
    • live animals;
    • foodstuffs and other processed and unprocessed animal and vegetable products;
    • currency and the equipment used in the production thereof;
    • tobacco and tobacco-related items;
    • embargoed goods;
    • items that violate copyright or trademark laws, Beta software, bootleg recordings, items that would enable duplication of copyrighted material, counterfeit items;
    • stolen property;
    • testers or replica perfumes or cosmetics.
  4. Terms and agreements A SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR?

    If you notice any suspicious behavior, we advise you to alert us by email to hello@pigeonexpress.eu. This will allow us to contact the user in question and take the necessary action. If you have any doubt, contact us without delay because the reliability of the members of the community is essential for us.

    Intellectual property

    Pigeon Express is the only owner of the trade name, as well as the layout of the site, the binary code used to make the site. The copyright of Pigeon Express also covers the general and legal texts, the illustrative and figurative content of the site.

    Any reproduction or reuse of this content without the prior agreement of Pigeon Express is strictly prohibited.
    On the other hand, the content published by users directly on the site is not covered by copyright.

    Update of conditions

    Pigeon express is free to modify and update these conditions at any time.

  5. Validity and interpretation of terms

    Pigeon Express assumes no other obligation than that explicitly explained above.

    In case of divergence between the different translations, the original version - which is the English version - will be preferred.

    These conditions and agreements are subject to Belgian law.

    The cancellation of a clause in these conditions shall not result in the cancellation of the entire agreement.

    In the event of the cancellation of a clause, the parties will negotiate in good faith to replace the canceled clause with a clause having the same financial and legal effect.

  6. Regulations of disagreement

    Any dispute resulting from the contraction, performance or interpretation of the Pigeon Express conditions will preferably be settled in a consensual and negotiated manner. Belgian law must be applied to resolve conflicts.